What we do.. 

Betsy's mum is a London based nutrition consultancy specialising in family nutrition. Our aim is to promote healthy eating from the earliest possible age and encourage family bonding through food. We run courses, workshops and events to get families eating healthy and nutritious food together. Our passionate team of food lovers are on a mission to change the way we feed our children. We create healthy, delicious recipes that are simple and nutritious. We also cover techniques and tips for tackling fussy eating, as well as having our super star nutritional therapist on board, giving you all the information you would ever need. We encourage children to get messy and creative in the kitchen and parents to get smart. It's our aim to make cucumbers cool again.

Take a peek at a Betsy's Mum nutrition event. Super foods for super kids (and mums). Sponsored by the Sweet Pea Pantry at The Proud Archivist